Additive Masterbatches

Color Aesthetics are just not enought to get your polymer performing how it really should when your customer wants to achieve more from the final product.

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We can offer the following Additive Masterbatches:-

Slip Masterbatches : Slip masterbatches are used to enhance the smoothness of films by reducing the tackiness of resins and bring about a reduction in film coefficient of friction.
Anti-Block Masterbatches : Anti-blocking additives reduce blocking at the surface of polymer films and other plastic articles to allow easier processing and handling.
Anti-Static : Anti-static products can help prevent static charges from generating and dissipating into the environment or onto objects such as electrical components.
UV Stabilizer Masterbatches : UV stabilizers are used to solve the degradation problems associated with exposure to sunlight.
Clarifying Masterbatches : It increases Mechanical properties like strength, heat distortion and hardness etc. It improves clarity and transmittance. It is used for optimizing the optical properties. It is highly effective in reducing the crystallization temperature of the polymers.
Anti-Warp Masterbatches : Anti wrap master batches are designed to improve dimension stability of the moulded component and reduce warpage.
Antimicrobial Masterbatches : Antimicrobial masterbatches are used to control the buildup of bacteria and fungi on the surface of plastic products and textiles.
Flame Retardant Masterbatches : Flame retardants are added to polyolefins, polycarbonate, polyamides, polyester, and other polymers to increase resistance to ignition, reduce flame spread, suppress smoke formation, and prevent a polymer from dripping.
Antioxidants Masterbatches : Antioxidants are used to prevent thermal degradation and inhibit oxidation (i.e. degradation).
Optical Brighteners : Optical Brightener Masterbatch is specifically used for imparting whiteness and brightness to the plastic products without any bluer tone.